“A story of True Resilience.”

About the documentary

EXPERIENCE FIRSTHAND how Lawrence recovers from setback after setback, from failing his GCSEs to learning how to walk again following a severe epileptic attack. He opens up about how much of a toll this took on his mental health and his difficulty in knowing what to do. Finally, Lawrence shares how he used his pain to find his purpose in life, helping young people from underserved/marginalised communities reach their full potential.

After watching this documentary, you will truly understand what it means to be resilient.

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    Created by

    TJ Ajose Director

    Raphael Akinrinade Production Manager

    David Alade Director/Producer

    About Lawrence Tijjani

    Lawrence Tijjani is a former teacher, entrepreneur, epileptic and advocate for social mobility. Lawrence has worked with young people for over 16 years, from the classroom to creating bespoke mentoring programs for Google UK to help young people develop practical life and employability skills. Lawrence believes there is no point in giving people a seat at the table if you don’t give them cutlery to eat!

    About JustAGuy CIC

    Just A Guy CIC is a non-profit, on a mission to empower young people to reach their full potential, by acquiring the interpersonal skills required to thrive as adults and boost employability prospects. We are committed to working with young people from underserved and marginalised communities by creating opportunities for them to drive their own social mobility. We provide 14-22-year-olds with access to high-quality advice through our Spotlight talks, mentoring and workshops.

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